A bit about me, Sharon the blogger.

A bit about me, Sharon the blogger.

HI I’m Sharon, I’m the Directors of the Australian Therapy Sensory shop.

We are a newly opened Mum and pop type shop, currently online.

I have been in the special needs therapy tools business for over 20 years. Having started up two companies, sold them, and helped a friend set one up, they are all still going.

Australian Therapy Sensory is a bit different! We are not just focusing on toys, but we have a strong focus on Therapy Tools, and how they help. With a focus on what you can do to help people requiring support.

We are also big on DIY support ideas, and how to get the most out of your choices.

I am the mum of two boys, one with ADHD, James, 28, he lives away from home. Additionally, Toby with ADHD and Autism, who is 19 and has his own place with SIL, I’ll do a blog on SIL one day to explain.

I’m at home on my own now, so I can focus on making some great informative blogs. To help parents carers and support people alike. I would love feedback and questions. Please feel free to contact me! Both with your ideas, opinions and experiences.

One thing I have learned throughout my experience being a mum. Is to laugh as much as you can, they say laughter is the best medicine, and it really is. Keep life as lite as possible cause the dramas will come, so save your energy for when you really do need it.

Keep an eye out for our blog!

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