Check out this secret fidget tool for all ages.

Check out this secret fidget tool for all ages.

This wooden hand fidget is particularly popular for its size and discretion.

It does not make a sound.

It is comforting to keep in your pocket and twirl the round ball in the center.

The wood itself is smooth and provides a calming sensation.

Particularly helpful for teens and adults who require stimulation without being obvious.

This hand fidget has long been popular for all ages.

Particularly for teens and adults, as unlike many other fidget tools, which look like toys, this does not look like a childish toy.

It fits comfortably in the hand, you can hold it discreetly without anyone knowing, or you can put your hand in your pocket and use it.

You run your thumb over the round ball whilst holding the disc in your hand.

The repetitive movement is both calming and relaxing, whilst helping you focus on the job at hand, be it a meeting or a school assembly.

Once your friends find out you have one, they will want one too, they are pretty cool and fun, and really do help you focus.

A great addition to any sensory kit.

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