Improve writing skills with Grotto Grips

Improve writing skills with Grotto Grips
Many children with autism have difficulties with gross motor skills, such as running or throwing a ball. Many struggle with finer tasks, such as cutting with scissors or writing legibly.

Using an ergonomic Grotto Grip trains the hand to form a proper grasp. It enables the use of dynamic finger movements, which can lead to more precision and increased writing speed.

The Grotto Grip was designed with optimal firmness to provide sufficient feedback to the fingers. This helps to maintain a proper grasp while writing. Grips that are too soft, lack finger guards, or place fingers too far from the pencil point may reinforce improper grasp habits.

Uniquely designed, the Grotto Grip places the hand and fingers in a position which shifts the support to the palm of the hand. This facilitates the user to hold the wrist in an extended position which is the proper way to hold a pen.

Improving writing skills can also support children in their wider education and boost their confidence. So if you haven’t tried a Grotto Grip give it a go.

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