Let Australian Therapy and Sensory shop help you with Traveling with kids

Let Australian Therapy and Sensory shop help you with Traveling with kids

Let Australian Therapy and Sensory shop help you with Traveling with kids

Its that time of year when we pile our kids into the car and go on holidays.

Some of the lucky ones get to go on an Airplane, or even a train.

The problem is the same for all of us though, kids getting bored.

A lot of people choose to give their kids a tablet or phone to keep them occupied.

But if your anything like me, you remember traveling and seeing things along the way, broadening our horizons. Kids these days often miss out on that, with their heads in screens they don’t see the interesting things going on outside.

With this kit, it encourages kid to keep themselves busy without a digital devise.


I also suggest a bunch of games the family can play, to keep it fun and interesting.

Ideas for traveling:

I Spy, For younger kids, use colours, for example, I spy with my little eye, something that is green. For older kids use the alphabet. Make sure to make some ground rules, like, it has to be something we can all see, not something from 5 kms back. And keep it light, if its too hard, give clues.

The number plate game. When your kids are old enough to know the alphabet, you do a game where you make a sentence from the letters of the number plate in front of you, there are no winners or losers but lots of family fun. We chose to allow some silly words like Willy, and Boobs which my boys thought was hilarious, but up to you what guidelines you choose.

First person to see! The beginner chooses something everyone has to look out for, it can be easy as a blue car, or a brown cow, but something doable. Keeps them busy looking. Be creative.

Sing along. Choose music the kids will enjoy too, and sing along, Christmas is a great time for Christmas carols, good old Wiggles, or whatever your kids enjoy.

Remember grownups, this is about keeping the kids happy, its not about you winning just because you can, let that competitive spirit go and enjoy some family fun and laughter.

Please if you have any travel ideas please add to this and share with everyone else. Happy and Safe Travels Sharon Ralston Therapysensory.com.au sharon@therapysensory.com.au

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